The Curious Case of Nigeria and her ruling class

What is the People? Everything. What has it been until now in the political order? Nothing. What does it want to be? Something

Medieval Europe leaders have a lot in common with current Nigerian Leaders,  leadership living in wealth and opulence as the populace grovel under the York of slavery ,  Leadership by a handful for a handful, creation of hereditary fiefdoms , leadership devoid of responsibility.  We can not as a rule refer to the Nigerian elite as leaders, for in essence they represent no one but themselves and is morally and  socially incapable of inspiring the people to act or not to act.  When the people lose trust in the ruling elite,  trouble is bound to arise.  After decades of  deft maneuvering,  the elite has reached that point where they have lost the faith of the people and with it, any moral right to lead. The administration of Goodluck Jonathan finds itself in this curious situation.

Storming of Aso Rock

French Revolution , Arab Revolution , Nigerian Revolution

What type of mentoring does the ruling elite in the past decades handed down to the people ?  What type of mentoring do we leave for those around us ? Does our system or lives inspire others to reach above themselves ? to build collective structures instead of fiefs ? What is our value as individuals and a Nation?

A society which has sold its value system to the alter of money cannot sincerely hope to initiate changes that would be far reaching and sustainable.  A society which enthrones the unscrupulous wealth of a few over the general well being of the many, would consistently subjugate the will of the many to the wimps of the few.   Over the years, this value erosion has been forced down and swallowed by generations that now it is a welcome relief to see thousands of people standing up and asking for a change.

As we stand in the streets demanding for change, we should bear in mind that change starts from an individual, from us. No matter where we are placed in the scheme of things.  Its a one step at a time process. Would we  refuse to do what is necessary and demand same of others ? We may not have the stage of GEJ or his cabinet, but in our own backrooms, we can initiate this change one step at a time.


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